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    The Baxter single set can be used both as gravity and in the Sigma Spectrum Infusion pump throughout multiple care areas The Single Set Technology can reduce the number of set ups and teardowns which can decrease the risk of touch contamination and has shown up to 53 cost savings in IV tubing sets and up to 30 reduction in IV tubing usage

  • Critical Care Intravenous Drug Administration Guide

    Flush line with glucose 5 Infuse 1mg over 30 mins i e 1 17 5 x 500 = 28mls over 30 mins60mls/hr Stop infusion and monitor patient for 30 mins Restart infusion and run over 4 hour 125mls/hr Flush line with glucose 5 AMBISOME Calculation Examplefor 50mg dose 1mg/kg for 50kg patient

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    Leukoreduction microaggregate blood transfusion and salvaged blood filters We offer a range of high efficiency leukoreduction filters for the hospital that provide you with the flexibility of leukoreduction by filtration at the patient s bedside or in the hospital laboratory as well as high flow blood filters to remove micoraggregate and component particulate matter and filters for

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    Avantor a Fortune 500 company is a leading global provider of mission critical products and services to customers in the biopharma healthcare education

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    Homepump Eclipse Homepump Eclipse is a disposable portable infusion system that delivers antibiotic therapy providing delivery times from 30 minutes to 5 hours Homepump Eclipse combines high quality standards with the volumes and flow rates you need for successful drug delivery The pump s proven ease of use allows patients to receive

  • The 10 Best Cigarette Filters To BuyAugust 2021 Edition

    Dec 24 2018  No 10 Cut Nic 6 Hole Disposable Cigarette FiltersBulk Economy Pack 1200 Per Pack Including 4 Free Travel Cases NEW Cut Nic 6 Hole filtration system If you are not satisfied with 4 hole or 8 hole filters try the Cut Nic 6 Hole filters Cut Nic Super Filter absorbs almost 90 of the tar and reduces nicotine

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    Infusion Therapy 187 3 Way Stop Cocks Sterile 2 BD Cannulas 29 BD PhaSeal System 5 Burette Sets 3 C Clamps 9 Equine Cannula 3 Extension Lines 0 Extension Line with 3 Way Tap 2 Extension Line with Injection Port 5 Extension Tubes Sterile 5 Infusion Giving Sets 0 Baxter Compatible Infusion Set 0 EVA Pump Infusion Line

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    Product Bulletin Download Our Disposable In Line Filters consist of permanently welded housings with encapsulated filter elements This makes them ideal for portable analyzers and other analysis systems requiring a robust easily replaceable filter A choice of body materials makes them suitable for a wide range of chemical environments

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    6mm ID Budget PVC Vacuum Hose From £5 95 Low cost disposable 6mm ID vacuum hose/resin line recommended for resin infusion > 50 C Roll Length Options Compare Composites High Shrink Tape From £3 60 Clear non stick plastic shrink tape used in applications like roll wrapping composite tubes and fishing pole repair

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    HEPA Cap Disposable Inline Filter Cytiva Disposable in line filter retains 99 97 of all particles greater than or equal to 0 3 µm Provides clean/sterile air and gases Durable polypropylene Two sizes available HEPA CAP housing is made of durable polypropylene Media is

  • Supor AEF Intravenous Filter SetIV Fluids

    The air eliminating filter set designed for 24 hour drug delivery infusion The Supor AEF Intravenous Filter Set is an air eliminating filter indicated for use with any IV administration set for the removal of inadvertent particulate debris and microbial contamination The 0 2 µm Supor membrane is low protein and drug binding

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    SPECIFICATIONS PartNo FIN FA10063 Our Stock Level 0 Lead Time Beyond any Stock Levels mentioned above request Delivery Date here CONTACT US Description Filter Air Disposable Outlet mm Category Filters Air > Housings > Disposable Updated 09/08/2021 INLINE TECHNICAL To search for manufacturer s Technical Data on any Inline product click here INLINE TECHNICAL

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    The Homepump Eclipse is a disposable portable infusion system that delivers antibiotic therapy with delivery times from 30 minutes to 5 hours Its lightweight non electric design elevates the patient experience and makes it easy to transport

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    An infusion pump infuses fluids medication or nutrients into a patient s circulatory system It is generally used intravenously although subcutaneous arterial and epidural infusions are occasionally used Infusion pumps can administer fluids in ways that would be impractically expensive or unreliable if performed manually by nursing staff

  • A Clinician s Guide to IV Administration Sets and Pumps

    May 28 2017  Y sets for when a second infusion set needs to be added to the same line An infusion pump is used to control the exact rate of flow and amount of fluid administered If a pump is not used the fluid container is placed above the patient and the clamp used to control the rate of flow a system known as a gravity drip

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    Face Masks Respirators in the Fight Against the COVID 19 Pandemic Surgical face masks are an essential item of PPE Since the outbreak of COVID 19 and the spread of the virus around the world wearing face masks has been one of the most important tools in the fight against the virus A different level of protection is achieved depending on the type of face mask you wear

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    Large 15 µm filter provides high flow rate and protects against larger particles Advanced precise roller clamp Good to control flow rate comfortable to hold Spike dock for secure spike discard Housing colour orange Screw tight Luer Lock fitting To prevent accidental disconnection Soft clear PVC tubing

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    CODAN products are specially designed to meet the requirements of critical care situations where doctors and other medical personnel bear the ultimate responsibility for ensuring patient survival A broad range of products not only meets top quality and safety standards but also offers customised solutions to a large number of medical

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    Bacteria and Virus Filter HEPA Monitoring Line Reservoir Bag latex free Reservoir Bag latex Reservoir Bag silicone Elbow Disposable Catheter Tip Syringe IV Therapy Vascular Access Infusion Set Blood Transfusion Set T Connector Infusion Set burette type Extension Tube Gloves Latex Surgical Glove Latex Examination Glove

  • MicroGard Pulmonary Filters x 50£43 24

    MicroGard filters are recommended for use whenever an inspiratory test is undertaken and when testing patients who may pose a risk to others The filters can be used with most makes of spirometers in place of disposable cardboard mouthpieces and are supplied in economical packs of 50 Features Protect the patient and spirometer equipment

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    Designed for fast and reliable filtration of small to medium volumes Sartorius Minisart High Flow HF Syringe Filters are complete ready to connect units with a high flow PES membrane These 28mm filters are available in sterile and non sterile options with a

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    Offers infusion set infusion set with air vent infusion set without air vent a v fistula needle blood administration set scalp vein set blood donor set measured volume burette set disposable hypodermic needle peritoneal dialysis transfusion set disposable syringe extension tube veinfix intravenous cannula iv flow regulator veinfix i v cannula fixation three way stopcock by

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    Medical Supply StoreUSA Medical and Surgical Supplies About Us Based in St Louis Missouri USA Medical and Surgical Supplies is an online surgical supply store founded with the mission of procuring and distributing the highest quality brand name medical equipment and supplies at reasonable prices

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    Ready to use built in Sterifix infusion filter A clinical study showed that by using B Braun IV filters the overall complication rate could be reduced by 10 Using IV filters also makes financial sense the length of ICU stay can be decreased by almost one day patient which represents a 23 dropa substantial economic advantage

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    infusion filters extension sets IV catheters intravenous 1494 551200 mediplus uk Polyurethane Amber polyurethane spiral United Kingdom extension line 150cm Ltd 44 0 1952 288970 spservices uk PVC free Body bag disposable United Kingdom biodegradeable disaster pouch/body bags Body Protection

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    IV administration sets Let us be your first line of defense Patient safety is on the line Our full portfolio of IV therapy products are designed to optimize infusion delivery reduce the risk of infection and protect vascular access sites

  • Continuous Infusion with Your Elastomeric Pump Memorial

    May 10 2021  The filter filters the chemotherapy before it s infused into your body The flow restrictor helps to control how quickly the chemotherapy is infused The patient connector is where the infusion line connects to your CVC tubing The patient connector has a cap that covers the connector when it s not connected to your CVC tubing

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    B Braun Medical Inc B Braun Medical Inc a leader in infusion therapy and pain management develops manufactures and markets innovative medical products and services to the healthcare industry The company is committed to eliminating preventable treatment errors and enhancing patient clinician and environmental safety

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    The clamp on the infusion line will allow you to stop the infusion at any time if you must pause or cease treatment Just press firmly on the clamp and it will close the infusion line Since the clamp is integrated into the infusion line you will always have it handy if needed Particle and air filtration The filter allows air to escape from

  • Pall Aquasafe AQIN In Line Disposable Water Filter

    In Line Disposable Water Filter with Quick Connect Inlet and Outlet Ports AQIN 31 Day Use Pall Aquasafe Water Filters for up to 31 day use AQIN provide filtered water for use in applications where in line water filters are required to maintain water quality such as equipment reprocessing and rinsing for ice machines and water dispensers

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    Our intravenous I V infusion disposable systems including ambulatory infusion pumps and syringe infusion pumps are available in lipid resistant non DEHP formulation latex

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    0 2 µm infusion filter Not all products are registered and approved for sale in all countries or regions Indications of use may also vary by country and region Please contact your country representative for product availability and information Product images are for reference only

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    Nov 22 2019  In February 2014 filter systems on the ICU were again switched to the larger 5 μm in line filters during a cost reduction initiative about 15 € per 0 2 or 1 2 μm in line filter and doubts regarding the efficacy of the finer filters and the remaining 0 2 or 1 2 μm in line filters

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    Infusion Products Ambulatory Infusion Ambulatory Infusion Pumps Cleo 90 Infusion Set Infusion Products Ambulatory Infusion Ambulatory Infusion Disposables Graseby Graseby 2000

  • Level 1 HOTLINE Blood and Fluid Warmer Smiths Medical

    For the past two decades Smiths Medical Level 1 HOTLINE blood and fluid warmer has played an integral part in the prevention of perioperative hypothermia in over 30 million surgeries With its unique triple lumen HOTLINE fluid warming set the HOTLINE blood and fluid warmer is the only blood and fluid warming system that eliminates patient line cool down and delivers consistently

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    May 16 2018  At the egress of an infusion line with a 3 way stopcock and a 25 cm extension set connected directly after the in line filter V = 1 70 mL i e combination 3 with filter and extension set