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  • US Foreign Policy toward Latin America in the 19th

    U S foreign policy toward Latin America in the 19th century initially focused on excluding or limiting the military and economic influence of European powers territorial expansion and encouraging American commerce These objectives were expressed in the No Transfer Principle 1811 and the Monroe Doctrine 1823 American policy was unilateralist not isolationist it gradually became more

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    teleSUR English is an alternative representation for world news We focus on the people the common citizen stories untold by traditonal media You will only find them at teleSUR

  • Latin America and the Monroe Doctrine < Westward

    Latin America and the Monroe Doctrine During the opening decades of the 19th century Central and South America turned to revolution The idea of liberty had stirred the people of Latin America from the time the English colonies gained their freedom Napoleon s conquest of Spain in 1808 provided the signal for Latin Americans to rise in revolt

  • US pledges 10 6B aid for Central America southern Mexico

    2 days ago US pledges 10 6B aid for Central America southern Mexico By MARK STEVENSON December 18 2018 MEXICO CITY AP The United States pledged 5 8 billion in aid and investment Tuesday for strengthening government and economic development in Central America and another 4 8 billion in development aid for southern Mexico

  • Latin English online translator and dictionaryYandex

    History Yandex Translate is a mobile and web service that translates words phrases whole texts and entire websites from Latin into English The meanings of individual words come complete with examples of usage transcription and the possibility to hear pronunciation In site translation mode Yandex Translate will translate the entire text

  • International Gift Giving Protocolfrom the Netique Gift

    Thoughtfulness in gift giving goes a long way in Latin American countriesit demonstrates your awareness and respect Choose gifts carefully by taking into consideration the tastes and interests of your Latin American business colleague Avoid leather gifts since most of the world s finest leathers come from South America

  • Casta painting in the Spanish AmericasSmarthistory

    Casta paintings used labels and visual details such as different skin tones dress occupations and settings to distinguish ethnicity and to signal economic and class divisions These images did not reflect reality so much as represent stereotypes arranged along a biased hierarchical scale

  • How Much Money do Latin American Athletes Receive for

    In Latin America not all countries give financial prizes to their athletes in addition this varies for each of the winning athletes of each Olympic medal according to the statutes of the country they represent For example Colombia stipulated a monetary award for its representatives who win medals at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games The athlete who wins gold will receive as recognition 240

  • Caribbean News Latin America News

    Marlon s ready to give back set to launch charity organisation Stabroek News Jamaica Gleaner West Indies cricketer Marlon s has targeted his alma maters Tarrant Primary and Kingston College KC as the first beneficiaries of his soon to be launched charity organisation the Marlon s Foundation which he expects Obstacles made me stronger Jamaica Gleaner

  • Brazil s Bolsonaro says DiCaprio gave cash to set Amazon

    Brazil s President Jair Bolsonaro has accused Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio of giving money to set the Amazon on fire The president gave no evidence but in the past has accused NGOs

  • Women protest for their lives Fighting femicide in Latin

    In this Latin America is leading the way as seventeen Latin American countries currently have laws defining femicide and articulating specific sentences Some such as Mexico however require the crime to involve sexual abuse or for the perpetrator to be related to the victim in order for the crime to qualify as femicide

  • The Top 20 Most Groundbreaking Latin American Films

    The Top 20 Most Groundbreaking Latin American Films Slide Nr 17 El Chacal de Nahueltoro The Jackal of Nahueltoro 1969 A haunting Chilean drama that explores the psychology of a murderer this film is based on the true story of an alcoholic man who murders a mother and her children

  • The complicated measure of being Hispanic in America

    The term Latino refers to origins from Latin America which includes non Spanish speaking countries like Brazil The terms are often used interchangeably which is a point of some contention in

  • Five key social development issues in Latin America in 2014

    In Central America one such example is the former gang members who are working to discourage other youth from following in their footsteps However many experts believe that the emphasis should be on fighting inequality This is a priority for Latin America given that it is the region in the world with the greatest income disparities

  • Birth in Chile and Citizenship for Your ChildGiving

    Giving birth overseas can give your child foreign citizenship along with the right to live in one of the most prosperous countries in the worldChileand travel without limitations The USA Canada Japan countries of Latin America and Europe will all open their doors to your child turning him or her into a true cosmopolitan

  • Gaming is set to grow 10 3 in Latin America amid

    Latin America will reach 266 million people who play on any of the platforms in 2020 Because of the social distancing measures to prevent COVID 19 the Latin American games sector is expected to grow 10 3 this year in the annual comparison generating 6

  • 4 ways China is gaining ground in Latin America according

    In total China Latin America trade grew from 17 billion in 2002 to almost 306 billion in 2018 and President Xi Jinping has set a goal of increasing that to 500 billion by 2025

  • 10 Different Versions of Santa Claus From Around the

    10 ItalyBefana In Italy local legends tell of a woman known as Befana who is the country s Santa Claus equivalent According to legends in Italy Befana is a legendary old woman who gives gifts to children annually during Epiphany Eve a festival observed all over the country on the night of

  • Document #7 Speech to the Nation Lázaro Cárdenas

    Document #7 Speech to the Nation Lázaro Cárdenas 1938 Lázaro Cárdenas 1895–1979 came from a lower middle class family in the state of Michoacán He served as governor of that state from 1928 to 1934 when he was tapped by Plutarco Elías Calles to become president

  • Countries in the Americas notified of first COVID 19

    In Latin America and the Caribbean 37 countries will receive vaccines through COVAX Of these 27 will do so with their own financing and 10 will do so at no cost due to their economic condition or population size Contacts Daniel Epstein Nancy Nusser mediateam paho

  • Essay Comparing Sap In Latin America And Europe

    I Essay Comparing Sap In Latin America And Europe choose to learn from Essay Comparing Sap In Latin America And Europe the best When it comes to learning how to write better is that company The writers there are skillful humble passionate teaching and tutoring

  • There is more to Lent than just giving up America

    Lent is the period of spiritual preparation that leads to Easter During Lent we traditionally follow the three pillars of prayer fasting and almsgiving Many people do other penances giving

  • The Geopolitics of China s Rise in Latin America

    hina s fast growing economic and trade ties with a range of countries in Latin America and the Caribbean are increasingly intense and dy namic as

  • Biden to restrict U S aid to Central American governments

    Biden to restrict U S aid to Central American governments set new conditions for money Juan Orlando Hernández president of Honduras arrives for the swearing in

  • History of Latin AmericaThe independence of Latin

    1 day ago History of Latin AmericaHistory of Latin AmericaThe independence of Latin America After three centuries of colonial rule independence came rather suddenly to most of Spanish and Portuguese America Between 1808 and 1826 all of Latin America except the Spanish colonies of Cuba and Puerto Rico slipped out of the hands of the Iberian powers who had ruled the region since the

  • Latin American CountriesWorldAtlas

    Latin America consists of 33 countries Brazil is the largest and most populous country in Latin America It also has the region s biggest economy Mexico is the largest and most populous Spanish speaking country in the world Approximately 659 million people live in Latin America Latin America is a vast region of the Western Hemisphere that

  • Spain s American Colonies and the Encomienda System

    In the 1500s Spain systematically conquered parts of North Central and South America as well as the Caribbean With Indigenous governments such as the efficient Inca Empire in ruins the Spanish conquistadors needed to find a way to rule their new subjects The encomienda system was put in place in several areas most importantly in Peru

  • List of Latin American Percussion Instruments Our Pastimes

    Maracas While claves may be the most simply built Latin American percussion instruments the maracas are among the simplest to play They always come in pairs and are made up of a handle topped with a hollowed out shell filled with dried seeds The result when the maracas are shaken is the sound of a rattle

  • Amazon road set to give Brazil and Peru new trade route

    A new road linking the east and west coasts of South America is being opened The road runs through Brazil and Peru and some like Luis Aguirre Governor of Peru s Madre de

  • Scalia funeral set for largest Catholic church in North

    Scalia funeral set for largest Catholic church in North America Saturday RNS A funeral Mass will take place at Washington s Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception

  • Foreign NonprofitsCAF AmericaCAF America

    AVOID THE BURDEN OF A US 501 c 3 ORGANIZATION Accessing US donors is easier than ever and it can be done without establishing a US 501 c 3 Becoming eligible with CAF America allows you to receive tax effective donations from US donors without having to create and maintain a separate organization letting you focus your time and energy directly on donor engagement and fundraising

  • Imperialism in Latin AmericaVideo Lesson Transcript

    Imperialism In the early 19th century most of the nations of Latin America fought their wars of independence freeing themselves from the colonial control of Spain

  • European Exploration Colonization in Latin America

    Starting in 1492 the arrival of Europeans in present day Latin America irrevocably changed the region s history This lesson examines the impact of European colonization technology and disease

  • China s Engagement with Latin America and the Caribbean

    important role in Latin America s post pandemic recovery Total China LAC trade increased from almost 18 billion in 2002 to almost 316 billion in 2019 In 2020 despite the decline in world trade due to the pandemic China s total trade with the region dipped only slightly to 315 billion

  • The Top 20 Most Groundbreaking Latin American Films

    The Top 20 Most Groundbreaking Latin American Films Slide Nr 17 El Chacal de Nahueltoro The Jackal of Nahueltoro 1969 A haunting Chilean drama that explores the psychology of a murderer this film is based on the true story of an alcoholic man who murders a mother and her children

  • How to Help an International School Give the Gift of

    The organization accepts donations of new and used books and school supplies to distribute to children throughout Africa What it needs Hardcover or high quality softcover fiction and nonfiction books Reference books such as full sets of encyclopedias and dictionaries less than fifteen years old